What's at Stake?

One of the Cleanest, Healthiest Large Lakes in the World
and a Whole Lot More

Our Native Fish, for example.

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Zebra and quagga mussels devastate native species by stripping the food web of plankton, and that has a cascading effect throughout the ecosystem. Lack of food causes populations of native trout, whitefish and native mussel species to plummet. In addition, invasive mussels cause harmful algal blooms and permanently alter water quality in a way that impacts aquatic life and even human health.

Lake front property along Flathead Lake is currently valued at 6 to 8 billion dollars. Invasive mussels would cause a 13 to 19% drop in property values within 3 years ( a $1.5 billion drop).

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Impacts to tourism, hydropower, and infrastructure (irrigation systems, power facilities, and municipal water supply and treatment) could cost more than $95 million a year.

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Once established, invasive mussels will be here forever. They are virtually impossible to remove. The ONLY solution is PREVENTION.

The future of Flathead Lake, the Crown Jewel of the Crown of the Continent, is up to us. You can help ensure the lake’s future by preventing invasive mussels from reaching the lake.