Flathead Lake is an Extraodinary Place

Let's Keep It That Way

For boats physically limited to use on Flathead Lake you can obtain a Flathead Reservation Watercraft Inspection Certificate by clicking on one of the links below:

2017 Regulations for Watercraft on the Flathead Indian Reservation

  1. Before launching the first time in 2017, all boats and watercraft must be inspected for aquatic invasive species (AIS) and certified clean of any AIS by a Tribal, State or other authorized agency AIS inspector. Operators of the boats or watercraft must possess proof (certificate, decal or receipt) of an inspection at all times and show it upon request from any law enforcement personnel of any competent jurisdiction.

  2. Gasoline-powered boat motors are prohibited on all watercraft on all water bodies of the Flathead Reservation, with the exception of Flathead Lake and the Flathead River. Watercraft with electric trolling motors are allowed on Flathead Reservation water bodies along with hand propelled, non-trailered watercraft including; kayaks, canoes, rafts and paddleboards.

  3. Boat trailers are not permitted to enter Flathead Reservation water bodies with the exception of Flathead Lake and Flathead River.

  4. All persons hauling or trailering boats and watercraft must stop at any open boat AIS check station along their route of travel.

  5. All boats and watercraft leaving the Flathead River Basin of Montana during the 2017 year and returning to Flathead Reservation must obtain a new boat inspection prior to launching into Reservation waters.

  6. The use of felt soled waders in any waters of the Flathead Reservation is not permitted.

  7. All water use gear and equipment must be clean and dry before use on any water body of the Flathead Reservation.
For more information on regulations for watercraft or to schedule watercraft inspection contact Tom McDonald, Georgia Smies or Germaine White, Natural Resources Department, at 675-2700.

Help Stop the Spread of Invasive Mussels

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Flathead Lake is one of the cleanest large lakes in the world. It is the crown jewel of the Crown of the Continent, and invasive mussels could ruin it. Let’s work together to protect and preserve this rare and priceless part of our collective heritage.

Tiny, razor-sharp shells would coat and clog every hard surface of the lake – rocks, boats, docks & dams.

Invasive mussels would ravage the lake environment.

They would devastate the lake fishery and cost taxpayers and property owners hundreds of millions of dollars. Protecting Flathead Lake from invasive mussels is up to all of us.

Clean Drain Dry is more than just a slogan. It's the key to keeping invasive mussels out of the lake. And stoping at check stations is not an option.
It's the law.

A vibrant fishery is a terrible thing to waste and 1.5 billion dollars is too much money to flush down the drain. We can't afford either.

Did you know that an adult female zebra mussel can release a million eggs a year and that the mussels that hatch from all those eggs will grow up to encrust any hard surface they can find?

  Watch the Public Service Announcement

Resources you need to prevent a mussel invasion.

Be a responsible boater. Don't let your legacy be the ruin of the crown jewel of the Crown of the Continent.